I got
an idea

Planning and targeting. The two main points your idea has to have in order to be successful. Do you have an idea for a digital product and when the time comes everything stops?

For every digital idea there is Genesis Elevential.

How does it work?

Groups of entrepreneurs who have an idea for a digital product and are seeking advices from experts, engage in a two-day consulting meeting in order to structure the idea.

Be it a company, startup or NGO which wants to create or recreate its digital presence, solve an internal problem or create an online shop, Genesis Elevential is the best way to organize your ideas and bring them into reality!

The goal is to develop a full planning of your product and let it ready for development. We will advise you not only on the project design, but also on technical aspects of your strategy and business model.

Day 1
1 hour
Opening with clients and mentors, explanation about the process' format and schedule, questions and answers, etc.
2 hours
You will explain how do you envision your product and we will discuss the idea, its motivation, strengths and weaknesses. We will also go over competitors and future possibilites.
Technological Analysis
1 hour
Gathering of which resources the product demands (e.g. geolocalization, agenda access, camera, compatibility), definition of devices and platforms (mobile, desktop), discussion about bottlenecks and technological complexities (availability, scalability, concurrency, response time).
Feature Listing and Prioritization
3 hours
Definition of both functional and non-functional requirements, decision of which ones should be part of a MVP and creation of a roadmap for the future.
Day 2
Definition of technologies and approaches to be used
2 hours
Based on information gathered in the first day, we will list the tech stack and technical decisions more suitable for the product (mobile vs PWA vs native, different technologies for back-end, front-end and databases).
Definition of the initial wireframe
3 hours
Elaboration of sketches for the main use cases and screens available in the MVP, as well as their execution flow.
Final Comments
1 hour
Free talk about the product.

In the end of the process you will have:

  • Document with the fundamentals for every technical decision and recommended technologies for the product.
  • Technical analysis of advantages/disadvantages compared to main competitors.
  • Technical analysis of the best approach for the product in different devices.
  • List of features to prioritize.
  • Wireframes for the main screens and use-cases of the product.
  • Cost estimation for the product development by the Elevential team (optional).

We guarantee the confidentiality of your idea.

Fill the form and we will get in touch as soon as possible to talk about a development plan for your idea.